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6 Month Manufacturers

Tip: Keep and use the clear protective packaging shell to cover the USB pack when transporting to keep it from being turned on on your bag or case.

Q: Does my guitar work with the SPECTRUS?
A: SPECTRUS works with all stringed instruments that have a headstock or clean flat surface.

Q: Can mount it to my acoustic guitar?
A: YES. Either to the headstock with the provided string clip or to a flat clean surface on the body.

Q: Can I remove the SPECTRUS and stick it on another instrument?
A: YES. Make sure the surface is clean before you stick it down.

Q: If my strip stops sticking, how can I make it stick again?
A: Wash the micro suction tape with water and let it dry completely. Then it will work like new.

Q: My clip socket is lose, how can I adjust it?
A: Pinch the ball with a pair of plyers to flatten one side to regain a tighter fit.

Q: How many different colors can it display?
A: Approximately 12 colors can be displayed and other in between colors can be locked in.

Q: How long does it take to recharge and how long does it stay on?
A: Approximately 2.5 hours to recharge and up to 12 hours of continuous light.

Q: How long will the USB battery pack last for?
A: Approximately 300+ recharges.

Q: How big is the USB pack?
A: Half the thickness of a 9 volt battery

Q: What's the warranty on the AURORA?
A: 30 day FULL REFUND - 6 month manufactures warranty